May 26, 2024

Character Biography

Vivian Brown
Vivian Brown
Vivian Brown
Basic Information
First Name:Vivian
Last Name:Brown
Age:25 years
Marital Status:Single
Species:Meta-Human Beta
Place of Birth:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Current Home:Key Lake City, Key Lake
Occupation:Gym Owner
Physical Characteristics
Body Build:Bodybuilder Medium
Height:2.58 m. / 8 ' 5 "
Weight:608kg. / 1,340 lbs.
FatherBob Brown
MotherJanet Stephansdottir
SisterAngela Brown
SisterMegan Brown
SisterTania Brown
Romantic PartnerBen Benedict
Group Affiliations
Powers and Abilities
Strength Index:2.27

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Character Biography


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