May 29, 2024

Character Biography

Daryl Leap
Daryl Leap
Daryl Leap
Basic Information
First Name:Daryl
Last Name:Leap
Age:18 years
Marital Status:Single
Species:Meta-Human Delta
Place of Birth:Key Lake City, Key Lake
Current Home:Key Lake City, Key Lake
Occupation:School student
Physical Characteristics
Body Build:Bodybuilder Massive
Height:2.4 m. / 7 ' 10 "
Weight:4,568kg. / 10,071 lbs.
MotherDayana Luckie
FatherErik Leap
SisterIvette Leap
SisterJanet Leap
SisterKristen Leap
SisterLindsay Leap
UncleBob Anderson
CousinBrigitte Anderson
CousinElizabeth Anderson
CousinGina Anderson
AuntHope Leap
CousinLaurel Anderson
CousinLeyla Anderson
CousinLisa Anderson
CousinPamela Anderson
CousinRay Anderson
CousinSkipper Anderson
CousinTamara Anderson
CousinViolet Anderson
Group Affiliations
Powers and Abilities
Strength Index:3.551

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Character Biography


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