May 26, 2024

Character Biography

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Basic Information
First Name:Pamela
Last Name:Anderson
Age:29 years
Marital Status:Single
Species:Meta-Human Delta
Place of Birth:Key Lake City, Key Lake
Current Home:Key Lake City, Key Lake
Physical Characteristics
Body Build:Bodybuilder Light
Height:3 m. / 9 ' 10 "
Weight:786kg. / 1,733 lbs.
FatherBob Anderson
MotherHope Leap
SisterBrigitte Anderson
SisterElizabeth Anderson
SisterGina Anderson
SisterLaurel Anderson
SisterLeyla Anderson
SisterLisa Anderson
BrotherRay Anderson
SisterSkipper Anderson
SisterTamara Anderson
SisterViolet Anderson
AuntDayana Luckie
CousinDaryl Leap
UncleErik Leap
CousinIvette Leap
CousinJanet Leap
CousinKristen Leap
CousinLindsay Leap
PatientScott Anderson
PatientTim Salazar
PatientWolf Westcott
Group Affiliations
Powers and Abilities
Strength Index:3.3

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Character Biography


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